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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 7, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

6:00 pm that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching us. i'm in for bill oh riley and remember the spin stops here because we are always looking out for you. tonight. >> this was the moment when the rise in the ocean began to slow and our planet began to heal. >> the healing has come to a screechi ining halt and the newd war begins. >> 11 months after benghazi criminal charges have now been filed. does that mean that we are returning to the pre9/11 mind set? >> we'll look at the growing
6:01 pm
controversy from oprah winfrey on the trayvon martin case. >> michelle fields is back to expose why he is just another hollywood liberal hypocrite. all of that. and more "hannity" starts right here and right now. >> tonight the white house is puffing out it's feathers trying to convince the world that the white house is standing up to putin after the nsa whistleblower was granted temporary asylum. the sad reality is that we got to this point after the poor decisions that were made by the administration. the white house has done nothing but roll over on top of the mir
6:02 pm
mid here. back in 2009 then secretary of state hillary clinton presented the russian foreign minister with this symbolic gift. i wanted to present you with a gift which represents what we have been saying. and that is we want to reset our relationship and so we will do it together. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for that button. >> that clearly worked out well for our american iptnterests. remember this hot open mike? >> this is my last time. >> the bottom line is this,
6:03 pm
should it come as a shock to any one? >> what has this president accomplished? >> forget about domestically. that is not existent. how dangerous is this? >> with senator johnson and steve king welcome to the show. >> how are you doing? >>. >> how is that russian button working out so far? >> it would be nice if russia and the united states would be friendly. most countries in the world this has been an utter failure and we need to recognize this and need to move forward with something more significant than not meeting with president putin. we had to start let's not make sure we don't reduce our nuclear
6:04 pm
arsenal by a third. >> there are a number of things that we need to do, we need to start leading america. >> remember back in 2009 the u.s. unilaterally broke our security agreement at the behest of russia? what has that gotten us? >> i remember the headlines, that said "betrayed". the poland and czechs learned that if we stand up with the united states we are not going to stand with them. we aren't strong, we around bold. when you negotiate with the former kgb, you want to be the dominant personality, those two things are very important. it is going to be hard to talk about letting snowden into the
6:05 pm
united states. putin looks into the eyes of barack obama. if there was a strong personality there, and someone who was willing to put out a strategy, he would react to that. i see the hand that he is playing. >> senator, isn't it em bar rasing to see him suck up to him the way that he has? >> i think so. >> i think it is. >> senator? >> once he started his administration on the apology tour. he is looking for the love of the world when we need respect. we need to show that we are the world's leader. then russia would start respecting us. we need to start encouraging nato expansion.
6:06 pm
we need to beef up our miss sill defense. that moving toward a posture of a hostile rival. that is the first thing that you have to do in developing a strategy. i'm afraid this administration is not recognizing that reality. professor cone said nobody is afraid of this guy. i would put it differently. i think the rest of the world sees him as a whimp. am i wrong? >> i wouldn't say you are wrong. i can't identify a foreign policy coming out of this president. they can't identify it either. we need to be strong economically. we need to be strong militarily and when you go to the gauchetiating table you want to have the dominant personality. that is why they pulled out of
6:07 pm
those meetings. they don't feel confident going into that. you walk into that room and you come out of there with something. >> let me move on. you guys are on august recess. but when you come back. budget issues will be front and center. every tea party member that i know. including myself. wants the house and senate to stand up delay and defund obama care because we know that it is a disaster. the labor unions are agreeing with me. and max calls it a train wreck. is that something that is doable in your mind? >> we need to do what we can to point out how harmful obamacareis going to be. there is nobody in the congress
6:08 pm
who wants to repeal it more than me. we need to find out what can we do to defund it. president obama is going to have to sign a law in order to defund it. so i would say we need to do an all of the above strategy and do what we can to prevent obama care from taking firm and permanent root. we need to take advantage of the fact that president obama will take advantage of the mandate. 35 republican ares agreed with the subsidies until we can verify the qualifications of the individuals asking for the subsidies. we have to keep hammering out what a disaster it is going to be. where is this now in the house? >> well sean i look at the
6:09 pm
opportunities we have had along the way to cut that funding off to squeeze that down in the past. i brought that amendment down past the house. i think we need to stand together on this. this may be the last tool in our tool box. but now we are down to where if we go past this barrier now, there may be to be something coming back from it. we are not going to support a continuing resolution that fu d fundsobamacare. that $105.5 billion in automatic appropriations. draw that line and look at the president and say if you decide that you are going to that this off. we will fund everything else. it is important that we in the house and senate team up together and keep the message
6:10 pm
clear. >> bold colored differences that would be a difference. republicans taking a stand. i would like to see it. otherwise you will lose a lot of support. guys, thank you both. appreciate it. >> it has been almost a year since four americans were killed in the benghazi attack. the charges filed indicatethey . bewill check in with michelle malkin tonight. first you get to select the video of the day. and i love this one. you can vote on ♪ show your friends and watch them all go home frmgts ♪ football on your phone frmgt s is being streamed.
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6:15 pm
victims. the obama administration has filed criminal charges against the leader of the ring. he's now facing criminal charges for his actions. this raises serious questions. number one, does the administration think benghazi was an act of terror or random crime. this wasn't the first time that we have heard that. >> it was a crude and disgusting video that sparked outrage in the muslim world. i have made it clear that the united states fogovernment had nothing to do with this video. >> why did it take so long to release this? >> you actually spoke with him, what did he have to say? >> he said a lot to us.
6:16 pm
he met with us at length. it happened last october. we were in benghazi. he admitted to being at the consulate and showed no remorse to us about the death of the ambassador or other americans. he denied being a mastermind instead of directing the attack he claimed he was directing traffic. >> the white house wants to believe the story. he was criquick to praise the libyans. >> libyan security personnel fought back with the americans. >> like the narratives that talking point would soon again change and the third and most important question we deserve and answer to, does the
6:17 pm
president's decision serve to prove that we are returning to a pre9/11 mindset here in america? >> is this an act of terror or a criminal matter? >> i assume that terror is a criminal charge. >> no, it is not. it is an act of war. >> does he not get tried in a military ptribunal? >> i don't know enough about the law. listen, it takes a while to make the case. >> 11 months later. this is no contrived. as you mentioned, they can't bring him to g iflt itmo. they have no in teptension of g after this guy. they are sitting down with this
6:18 pm
guy and he's bigging to be interviewed. the administration is coming up on the year anniversary of benghazi. >> it is phony. there was a report that they were working on bolstering this. if everybody knew where he is. why did we go in and scoop him and inter gate him? >> or do that instead of get the in tell. when is the trial? >> what about the miranda rights. >> the rights are screaming. >> i'm not. >> drones dpe s dpen s agains combatants. >> why does it not bother you and your liberal friends.
6:19 pm
the day that this happened i called this a terrorist act. i believed it was then and i believe it was now and why they didn't see that is beyond me. this is a case of a classic miscommunication and miss handled event in the middle of a campaign. >> isn't that bigger than that. this was a purposeful lie to get to the election. >> i think that listen. if you got indited for the law to get to an election, do i think that the election was an impediment here? yes. >> they didn't secure it. they didn't scramble the jets and send in reinforcements. >> why wasn't it?
6:20 pm
i wonder why. it wasn't a terror attack. >> you are being very rude to the president tonight. >> i don't think i'm being rude. i think i'm being tough. >> she is screaming as he kills people. it was obvious that was a terror attack. our government, our president was workplace violence. shouldn't we correct the record? >> i don't understand why it is that the evidence was so over whelming that this guy was a terrorist for months and yet noeg turned the evidence over to
6:21 pm
who ever was responsiblresponsi. >> shouldn't we be told the truth? >> words matter and actions matter as well. no none of these words will bring the person to justice. he refuses to say islamic. why? >> bob, i give you lots of credit. you call them out when they do something wrong. it is maddening. and mind boggling and so deceitful. >> i can tell you why. a lot of diplomates somehow convince millions of people around the globe to like us. as far as i know, has anybody seen the head of state apologize for the actions of these mill stantes on behalf of islam?
6:22 pm
>> they agree with them or they are afraid of them. >> you suound like me. >> was did you say? >> i said this. and it got me coverage in the middle east. >> why can't they start to speak like you. you have called it like you have seen it. he came out and said there hasn't been a successful attack on the north soil. he actually went out of his way to say we are not at work with them. >> he said this for years, what do you call them? >> this has never ended. this is not brand new. for people to accept it for understand it is danglus. >> appreciate it. >> coming up next, dozens of
6:23 pm
embassies may be on lock down around the world, but that did not stop our commander in chief from stopping by the tonight show. >> trayvon martin paralleled -- in my mind same thing. >> the comparison from the former queen of daytime. but that is not all. that tape is coming up and so is the video of the day. this is option number two. he was booed at his first at bat. but last night fans were cheering or a-rod. but not was of the reason you might think. the day buildingt begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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well come back to "hannity katrina katri ". last night our fearless commander in chief cided to pay a visit to the tonight show. jay asked the president about the severity about the worldwide
6:28 pm
terror warning that his administration issued. >> it is significant enough that we are taking every precaution. we had done a lot to bolster security around the world. and when we see a threat stream that we see is significant enough that we can take significant precautions than we can do so. it is a reminder for all of the progress that we have made. getting al qaeda and pruting pakistan afghanistan pack on its heels this radical extremism is still out there. our question is, was the tonight show the best platform to be talking about u.s. interests
6:29 pm
overseas. >> michelle good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i don't have a problem with him going on leno. nbc still going to get rid of him, again, dumb. but he didn't say anything before this. he didn't allow questions by the press. good decision? bad decision? >> this was a curious venue for the president of the united states. the commander and chief for the first time address the american people about this huge issue that is going on across the middle east and yemen. and during the week when america is marking the 15th anniversary about the embassies today during a week when the trial opened, of
6:30 pm
the ft. hood jihadist, nadal hassan who this administration has treated as a workplace violence perpetrator. he is the celebrity president as you have called him sean. but it is deeply troubling that the white house is spinning this as a way for obama to connect with regular people and then disclosed which they had tried to cover up that what was wrong with doing it after this appearance meeting with one of his top bundlers. who has raked in $7 million for his president. >> and then he is off for
6:31 pm
martha's vineyard for a vacation and they are upset because the roads are closed. let me play the question about his comments about trayvon martin. this was not a case about race. >> you know i think all of us were troubled by what happened. any of us who were parents were troubled. it doesn't mean he was a perfect kid. none of us were. when you are a teenage boy you are going to mess up. but, what i think all of us agree to is, that we should have a criminal justtice system that was fair and just and i wanted to explain why this was a sensitive topic for
6:32 pm
african-american families a lot of people who had sons know the experience that they had being followed or viewed susspecifically. >> this case was never about race. what do you make about this comments? >> there is one thing that barack obama is genius at. that is sounding like a perfectly reasonable observe ever of race relations in america when he and his administration have been at the forefront. when eric holder is continuing to hold open a probe even as barack obama says he accepts the jury's decision. you have people who have perverted the rule of law. who aso theed with hustlers who
6:33 pm
are explating the trayvon martin case to deepen the racial divisions. >> you have the kids who are dying in chicago. shouldn't he be in the forefront of talking about that too? >> of course. the liberals and the progressives who have ruined cities like chicago cappand det have turned a blind eye towards their failures and abandonment of urban un. they don't want to abandon with the questioconsequences of the poverty and gun control. >> let me give you an example. we have this tape and there is a white kid on a bus and there are three kids that are black pounding and crushing this kid.
6:34 pm
by looking at the video. you might conclude it is racial but we don't know what is behind this. but you can see the beating that is going on and i don't hear anything anybody i haven't heard a word out of them about this video. this is what troubles me so much. the leaders who are cat liedize the left wingers in the media. some crimes are more equal than others. they will never pass up the opportunity to racialize certain crimes while they turn a blind eye to others that don't fit their narrative. i remember covering the bhlack n
6:35 pm
white murders in tennessee. nobody wanted to elevate that case the way that so many others have. it is disgusting. crime is not a racial issue and they have made it so because it is convenient for them to do so. >> by the way we will see you in the studio next week. >> coming up next tonight on "hannitty". >> in my mind, same thing. >> that is why obama is our president because he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and be on fox news every day. >> paula dean and even the fox news channel are stirring up a lot of controversy tonight. over the former well leader of daytime tv. log onto "ha mnnitty live". here is a sneak people.
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and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing contest and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet? welcome back. oprah winfrey is back in the lime light. she had this to say about the tr travon martin case. in my mind same thing. but, you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward. >> she managed to take a twice at little old fox news. >> the film so big the producer
6:41 pm
quoted obama for the film. >> he could pt get obama because he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and get himself on fox news every day. >> that is so smart why shouldn't he go and be on fox news every day? >> i have always viewed oprah, maybe i'm wrong. my perception was someone not racial at all. i would like to hear why she left the church. do you think these comments are racial? >> of course they are. and they are fallacious. they are ignorant. she doesn't know anything about the case.
6:42 pm
the 14-year-old from chicago. he whistled at a white woman. that white woman's husband put a bullet through his head. they wrapped him and put a ton on him and wrapped him on barbed wire and that is not travon martin and george jimm eme emem zimmerman. >> that was not the case. >> and as michael pointed out. you look at these incredible homicidal white races years ago. he took a black woman to his
6:43 pm
high school prom. he monitentored and tutor eed a woman so this is very difficult fre different from the people who killed emit til. >> these comments are so outrageous that i say she is now engaging in racial poison. >> do you think she has fought this way but successfully hidden this. >> i saw her as somebody who brought somebody together. >> i met her in 1991. i wept on her show and never got invited again. i regarded her as racial. >> she breached that breast beating drum all the time.
6:44 pm
>> i really can't. i thought of her as somebody who got behind this. >> she has jumped on the band wagon that nothing has changed and this is american the south before the civil rights act. >> oprah is oprah. >> because i know who she is. she is a hypocrite. millions of blacks are lynched in america. you know diddlysquat about the civil rights movement. and less about lynchings. and then she also claims that paula dean was a friend of hers until she got into trouble. >> 30 years paula dean mentioned the n word and where is oprah her friend?
6:45 pm
oprah said it was too controversial for me to step in. she wants to have the natural conversation about race around paula dean where on oprah's low rated show. she's a hypocrite. >> say what you want to say on fox news. >> by the way. i have been nice to her. >> i mean, she recommended great books and years ago "the road less traveled". this is just over the top. it just didn't fit. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> i would love to debate. >> quickly, oprah winfrey in 1955 could not do what she does today. >> good to see you both.
6:46 pm
>> coming up next he is the latest celebrity to prove he is nothing but a left wing hollywood hypocrite. he simply were not good enough for his own kids. michelle fields confronted damon over this issue. tonight she is here to respond. >> do you think job in security is what makes me work harder? >> that is the thing. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needingo go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache.
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welcome display again. actor matt damon is the latest to take on the mantra do as i say, not as i do. he passionately supports public schools and gave the speech for the public system in 2011 and has now enrolled his kids in private schools. he said it was a big, big decision but the public schools just aren't, quote, progressive enough. all right. that is laughable. my next guest is waiting to respond. after damon's 2011 schools speech michelle fields had this confrontation with the hollywood star. take a look. >> do you think job insecure ti makes me work hard? >> you have incentive to work harder, but the -- >> it's not incentive.
6:51 pm
you take h this thing. you take this mba policy thinking. that's the problem with ed policy now. it's the this view of problems that are more complex. it's like saying a teacher will get lazy when they have tenure. a teacher wants to teach. why else would you take a [ bleep ] salary and really long hours and do that job? >> 10% -- >> where do you get that number? >> maybe you're a [ bleep ] cameraman, i don't know. >> reaction from michelle fields, mark hannah, good for you, a. b, what a phony. love it is public schools, send your own kids there. >> he loves talking them up but doesn't want to send his kids there. he said he didn't have a choice. he had to do it. he did have a choice. the people who don't have a choice are the rest of americans who can't afford to send their kids to a private school.
6:52 pm
the schools in america are segregated. they are no longer segregated according to skin. they are segregated according to to a zip code. if you don't have a lot of money and you're not in a district with great schools you don't have access to quality education. that's a tragedy. >> look at the numbers in new york. they have a graduation rate below 50%. >> i agree. we have two americas to bring back an old argument when it comes to education. those people who can't afford private school at least have somebody like matt damon advocating for them. >> oh! >> i'm serious. >> come on. >> every few years this argument comes up. republican politicians, democratic politicians and chris christie had the best response. he's trying to ing to improve p schools but sends his kids to catholic school. >> he's for choice. why isn't damon oh for choice?
6:53 pm
>> he found a school aligned with his family's values. it's a personal decision. >> why not give every american a choice? >> that's a side argument. >> matt damon said he didn't want to send his children there because it wasn't progressive enough. what about americans who think the public school system is too progressive? what if they want a school with christian values. they can't send their kids there. >> this country -- >> let me just. >> let me do it. public institutions alongside private institutions. is it hypocritical for a city official in new york who wants safe and efficient public transit systems to take a town car or a taxicab? >> what are you talking about? we are talking about schools. >> he can send his kids to private school and still be for public schools. >> that's a crock. >> why? >> it's a weak argument. listen, i agree with michelle on something. i agree with school of choice to a point. >> to a point.
6:54 pm
>> the obama presidency has been vigorous in edge equation reform with arnie duncan. >> do you agree kids suffering the most are kids that are in inner cities. >> yes. i agree. >> don't they deserve. >> they deserve not getting schools divested from. >> so throw more money at them? >> the thing matt damon said that was smart is teachers want to teach. nobody is there to get rich. we know teachers we grew up with -- >> and they are all with people who are bad apples. >> there are bad teachers, lazy teachers. >> and the good ones are unfortunately protect ing the bad ones. >> it take aspect that teachers are bad. >> no yup's saying that. >> or lazy. >> you voted. we listen. the video of the day is next. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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welcome back to "hannity." time to reveal what you have
6:59 pm
chosen as tonight's video of the day. the winner is the new directv ad starring nfl superstars eli and peyton manning. take a look at this. >> football? on your phone ? >> football on your phone. ♪ ♪ it's football on your phone ♪ uh-huh ♪ yeah ♪ football on your phone ♪ it's football on your phone ♪ that's what i said ♪ football on your phone ♪ you can watch it in bed ♪ take it with you ♪ wherever you go ♪ show your friends and watch them ♪ ♪ all go, whoa! ♪ football on your phone ♪ football on your phone football on your oh phone ♪ ♪ now's your chance to have football on your phone ♪ ♪ and football in your pants ♪ look at this guy ♪ using the phone as a phone ♪ the phone's for footballing >> good for them.
7:00 pm
as always, thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. g greta, take it away. tonight, the irs targeting investigation just got bigger and just got worse. now the federal election commission caught in the web of scandal, too. the house oversight committee demanding the fcc turn over records of its communications with the irs and setting a deadline of august 21. congressman jim jordan co-signed the letter to the fec and joins us now. good evening, sir. >> good to be with you. >> this letter today to the chairman of the fec, why did you send it? to ellen weintraub. >> you have to remember. lois lerner who broke the story about the targeting of conservative groups then started the false narrative about


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